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Cou-gar [koo-ger] -noun. is a sexually attractive mature woman, usually over the age of 30 who eagerly pursues younger men for sexual encounters; a more aggressive type of MILF; see

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I don't know how old you actually have to be in order to be called a fucking cougar. On the online Urban Dictionary of slang, they do give one definition describing the bang-worthy mature broad as being at least 35, or older. I'd say that most of the chicks on Cougars In Heat are probably at least 35. Some are even 40, or older.
I think we've all at some point been fascinated by the idea that mature old woman would take us under her wings, so to speak, and teach us the ropes within the sexual realm. After all who better to do so? If you have been or are still fascinated by this phenomenon you may be interested in the twist that Cougars in Heat has to offer. Apparently these particular ”cougars” are in heat and you know what that means, an innocent younger man is about to have a mighty good time.
While CougarsInHeat are strikingly gorgeous sexy mature women, often with big tits, what really grabbed me by my proverbial, albeit symbolic, balls were the movies. Each film offers a completely new and kinky twist on the older woman and younger dude theme, and there's plenty of spice as the action starts heating up. The films seem to be improvised more than scripted, but the players do it well and with a lot of horny vigour. Cougars In Heat is the best mature site going right now. - JOIN NOW>>


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